Hagia Sophia Private Tour Guide

Hagia Sophia History Tour With A Private Guide

Hagia Sophia is undoubtedly the crown jewel of Istanbul city. Nearly 3 million people visit Hagia Sophia, with an admiration and awe. Hagia Sophia is a building with a lot of sections to see and enjoy the splendid Byzantine mosaics.

Many legends were told about Hagia Sophia and it had been the spiritual hub of both Byzantine Empire’s Constantinople and Ottoman Empire’s Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia had been both a church (900 years and a mosque (500 years). Hagia Sophia have been a museum from 1930 and onwards. Read More

Guided Tours To Ephesus From Kusadasi

Guided Tours To Ephesus From Kusadasi (izmir) Cruise Shore Excursions

Kuşadası (Kusadasi) is a cute little town located western Turkey. Kusadasi have always been a popular holiday spot but the Cruise traffic made it grow much quickly. Nowadays, there are lots of luxurious hotels, stores, boutique hotels adorning this small town.

Mediterranean Cruises, starting their trip from Italy, then stopping at the islands of Greece then they come to Turkey. Cruises usually have two stops in Turkey: Kusadasi and Istanbul. Read More

Ephesus Celsus Library History & Photos

Library Of Celsus In Ephesus History, Facts, Photos

Library of Celsus is the best-preserved ancient structure in Ephesus city. Built by a Roman Senator, this place used to be one of the most significant libraries of antiquity. Unfortunately an earthquake striked the Ephesus city and most of the buildings seriously damaged. Only the facade of the building survived. You may find the short story of Celsus Library with nice photos below. Read More

Jewish History And Heritage Tours In Istanbul

Jewish Community And Synagogues In Istanbul

The vast majority of the Jewish community in Turkey (around 26.000 people) lives in Istanbul. This is only a fraction of the 500.000 Jews that once lived in Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire — a time when Jews and Christians made up 40% of Istanbul’s population.

Origins Of Jewish People In Istanbul And Turkey

The predominant rabbinate caregory was further subdivided into four groups: Romaiots, Ashkenazi, Italian and Sephardim Jews. Read More

Private Cappadocia Tours With Local Guides

Private Cappadocia Tours With Local Guides

Cappadocia is an ancient city located at the Central Turkey. Cappadocia has always been a significant settlement area since the ancient ages. Cappadocia is covering a significant terrain on multiple cities. A traveller has to shift between Nevşehir, Kırşehir, Niğde, Aksaray and Kayseri cities of Turkey to see the Cappadocia entirely. Read More

Byzantine Constantinople History Tour In Istanbul

Constantinople Tour Of Istanbul Discovering The Byzantine Empire

Constantinople was a great city of the history. It was established as the capital of Great Roman Empire and later became the capital of Byzantine Empire, which is originally known as the Eastern Roman Empire in the history.

The name Constantinople, evolved to Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire domination in the city. Today Istanbul is not a capital city anymore. However it is considered as the largest and most important city of Turkey. Read More

Top Things To Do In Istanbul Turkey

Top Things To Do In Istanbul 2017

Istanbul city located on Asia and Europe. This unique location makes it a bridge between the two ancient continents. This strategical location determined the destiny of city as well. It’s been a home to great empires. First the Emperor Constantine the Great discovered its unique beauty and made it his own capital, by naming it Constantinople. From then on the city became the capital of Roman Empire. Afterwards capital of Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. Altough it’s not a capital anymore, Istanbul is still the most important city of Turkey. Read More