Top Things To Do In Istanbul Turkey

Top Things To Do In Istanbul 2017

Istanbul city located on Asia and Europe. This unique location makes it a bridge between the two ancient continents. This strategical location determined the destiny of city as well. It’s been a home to great empires. First the Emperor Constantine the Great discovered its unique beauty and made it his own capital, by naming it Constantinople. From then on the city became the capital of Roman Empire. Afterwards capital of Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire. Altough it’s not a capital anymore, Istanbul is still the most important city of Turkey. Read More

Private Ephesus Tours With Local Tour Guides

Private Ephesus Tours With Local Tour Guides

Ephesus Antique City is the gem of Turkey. The Anatolia peninsula has always been the cradle of civilizations in the history. Anatolia is a home to remarkable Greek and Roman heritage too. Therefore there are a lot of ancient cities and ruins all over the Turkey. However, the Ephesus is the most precious and most visited ancient city in Turkey left from the antique ages.

The famous Library of Celsus and Temple of Artemis makes Ephesus, a prominent antique city of ancient Anatolia (also known as Asia Minor).

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History Of Turkish Anatolian Carpets And Rugs

History Of Turkish Anatolian Carpets And Rugs

The history of Turkish rugs date back to the nomadic times of the Turkish clans of the Central Asia steps. Carpet had a powerful effectiveness in nomadic Turcoman clans. Because the hordes moving very often and lived in tents, carpets were very portable objects which made the ground easy to step on.

Initially, carpets were used due to its functionality and later it had decorative features in order to adapt to colors of the tents and surrounding environment.

Almost every city of Anatolia (Asia Minor) has carpets with distinctive adornment and colours. These hand-made art pieces reflect a tradition that is passed on from one generation another. Read More

Maps Of Ottoman Empire With History And Facts

Map Of Ottoman Empire With History And Facts

Ottoman Empire was founded in 1299 by Osman Ghazi and consistently grew from 1299 to 1683. The first 10 rulers of the Ottoman Empire is considered as the most successful kings.

Ottomans Kings carried these titles: Sultan (Arabic: King, Ruler), Padişah (Persian: Shah Of the World), Khan (Turkish: Referring to ancestors from Central Asia)

Additionally the first two rulers, Osman I and Orhan were called as Ghazi (The warrior) since the Ottomans were no more than a warlike principality then. Murad I (1362-1389) considered as the first Sultan, since he built the foundations of Ottoman army, society, laws of the Ottoman State.

The Ottoman Sultans also carried the title of Caliph (Halife) from the time of Selim I (1512-1520). Caliph is an Islamic title. Meaning the spiritual leader of Islamic World. This religious title was used by the Ottoman Sultans after the conquest of Mecca and Medina.

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