Hagia Sophia History Tour With A Private Guide

Hagia Sophia is undoubtedly the crown jewel of Istanbul city. Nearly 3 million people visit Hagia Sophia, with an admiration and awe. Hagia Sophia is a building with a lot of sections to see and enjoy the splendid Byzantine mosaics.

Many legends were told about Hagia Sophia and it had been the spiritual hub of both Byzantine Empire’s Constantinople and Ottoman Empire’s Istanbul. The Hagia Sophia had been both a church (900 years and a mosque (500 years). Hagia Sophia have been a museum from 1930 and onwards.

Hagia Sophia Museum Of Istanbul, Turkey

Consider Hiring A Private Tour Guide For Hagia Sophia Visit

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What To See In Hagia Sophia Museum

I would like to invite you a virtual tour of Hagia Sophia with beautiful photos.

Hagia Sophia Panoramic Photograph

Hagia Sophia’s beautiful architectural features can be seen all around Old Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia Panoramic View
Hagia Sophia Panoramic

Hagia Sophia Exterior

Hagia Sophia square is lively all day long. It’s great fun to walk around.

Hagia Sophia Square
Hagia Sophia Square

Hagia Sophia Outer Narthex

Hagia Sophia Narthex is decorated with informative panels.

Hagia Sophia Outer Narthex
Hagia Sophia Outer Narthex

Hagia Sophia Interior

It’s truly exciting to see the Hagia Sophia’s center and dome from this doorstep.

Hagia Sophia Interior
Hagia Sophia Interior

Hagia Sophia Emperor Leon Mosaic

Emperor Leon VI of Byzantine Empire kneeling and praying by the Jesus Christ.

Imperial Mosaics Of Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia Emperor Mosaics

Hagia Sophia Naos: The Main Section

The Omphalion (Coronation Area) can be seen on the ground. Adorned with colorful round shaped marbles. Imagine Byzantine Emperors were crowned in here.

The Center Of Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia Naos: The Main Section

Strolling Through The Ancient Hagia Sophia

Discovering the secrets of Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia had been the spiritual center of Constantinople nearly 1000 years. The city folk admired the beauty of the building.

Visiting The Hagia Sophia Museum
The Ancient Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia Seraphim Angel (The Archangel)

Hagia Sophia’s archangel have recently rediscovered after the restoration works.

Seraphim Angels Of Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia Seraphim Angel

Hagia Sophia Center From Empress Lodge

Hagia Sophia’s upper galleries great spot to take photographs. Imagine the Empresses of Byzantine Empire watched the religious ceremonies from here.

Hagia Sophia Empress Lodge
Hagia Sophia Center

Hagia Sophia Upper Gallery (South)

People are enjoying with the most beautiful Byzantine mosaic of the world: The Deesis.

Hagia Sophia Upper Galleries
Hagia Sophia Upper Gallery

Famous Deesis Mosaic Of Jesus Christ

Deesis Mosaic is known at the peak of the Byzantine art. The most beautiful mosaic of ancient and mystic Byzantium.

Deesis Mosaic Of Byantine Empire
Deesis Mosaic Of Hagia Sophia

Viking Script By Varangian Imperial Guard

Vikings had served as imperial guards of Byzantine Emperor in the past. Varangian Guard was the elite unite of Byzantine army.

Viking Script By Imperial Scandinavian Guards
Viking Script By Varangian Guard

Mosaic Of Justinian And Constantine The Great

Most famous and significant Emperors of Constantinople: Justinian and Constantine.

Emperor Justinian And Constantine The Great
Mosaic Of Justinian And Constantine

Visit Hagia Sophia Museum With A Private Guided Tour

Consider hiring a local tour guide for your Hagia Sophia visit. You may unveil the secrets of ancient Constantinople and Hagia Sophia with your informative tour guide. The legends and stories related to Hagia Sophia are famous. It is worth to listen!

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Hagia Sophia Tours By Locals
Guided Tours By Serhat Engül

Hagia Sophia Private Tour Guide

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