Best Things To Do in Rome

Best Things To Do and Places to Visit in Rome

I invite you to discover the Things To Do in Rome with my humble article. Useful information through various maps and photos.

History Of Ancient Rome: Rise And Fall Of An Empire

Rome is a city which shares the common history with Istanbul. As we know, Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire which dominated Mediterranean coastlines for hundreds of years. After 330 A.D. The Rome became co-capital alongside with Constantinople (Istanbul) and the Roman Emperor Constantine moved to the “New Rome” Constantinople.

Soon afterwards, the Rome had been occupied by Goths and faced the collapse of Western Roman Empire. Yet, it managed to gain back its power and glory thanks to the new religious order. Catholic Pope was so quick to fill the power vacuum that was left by the Roman Emperors. He had an edge over Europe, united the continent under one religion: Christianity. Pope his holiness made the Rome once more, the capital of the known World.

And nowadays the Rome is the touristic centre of the world thanks to this gorgeous heritage left from Ancient & Medieval Eras.

Two Capitals: Rome And Constantinople

Split Of Roman Empire By Emperor Theodosius

Best Things To Do In Rome 2019

In this article, I would like to mention about a few major sights of Rome in a plain language, with the help of visuals. I hope the titles I shared would help everyone who are making travel plans for visiting this magnificent city.

Roman Empire’s Heritage: Ancient Forum

Roman Forum is a valuable heritage that remained from ancient times. One thing I liked most in Rome: The flawless mixture of ancient culture, medieval age and modern times.

As an Istanbulite, I can’t stop dreaming how much it would add a value; if Ephesus Ancient City were in Istanbul! Rome is offering this unique feature to its visitors.

Ancient Roman Forum has old Pagan Temples that were turned into churches, Arch of Triumphs which victorious Roman legions marched under, Palatino Hill where richest people of Rome lived.

Forum Romanum (The Roman Forum) Located At The Heart Of Rome

Forum Romanum (The Roman Forum)

Arena Of Gladiator Fights: Colosseum

Colesseum is one of the most powerful symbols of Old Rome. When you start walking from the northwest of Ancient Roman Forum, the path will finish at Colesseum in southeast. Colesseum is an arena which was built by emperor Vespasianus in 72 A.D. Defining the obvious: Gladiator fights were organised here for Roman citizens. This massive arena has 55.000 spectator capasity to watch the wild games.

Colosseum (Coliseum) Of Ancient Forum

Colosseum (Coliseum) Of Ancient Forum

Wisdom Of Ancient Architecture: The Pantheon

The Pantheon one of the first structure with a grand dome in the world (Built 27 B.C.) The splendid dome with its height of 44 meters is a really huge architectural achievement in the history. It was the tallest temple in the world till Hagia Sophia’s construction finished in 537. “Pantheon” means “Temple of all Gods” which was built according to polytheistic pagan religion.

Phanteon temple turned to a church in 609 AD. Famous Renaissance painter Raphaello buried in here following his last will. The dome which is the most attractive part of constructure, designed as the major source of illumination in the building. Pantheon is receiving daylight (from a  single hole) perfectly thanks to the brilliant design of its dome. There is no window in the structure but visitors won’t even feel the difference. Pantheon is definitely a remarkable innovation of ancient wisdom.

Temple Of All Gods: Pantheon

Temple Of All Gods: Pantheon

Symbol Of Pagan Origins: The Trevi Fountain

Trevi fountain is an ornamental pool covered with aesthetical statues. Content visitors of Rome throw coins and make a wish to come back again one day. There is the statue of Neptun (Poseidon) in the middle of this historical artifact which was made in 1762.

Trevi Fountain’s neighborhood has an amazing atmosphere, bustling with the visitors all day long. And also there are amazing cafes and delicious Rome gelato -icecream- sellers around the square.

The Trevi Fountain And Neptun

The Trevi Fountain And Neptun

Most Picturesque Spot In Rome: Piazza Navona

This beautiful and extensive square has 3 picturesque fountains side by side and considered as the most elegant and spacious piazza of Rome. It’s an amazing place to take photos and one can enjoy the beauty of art pieces by sitting in cafés around.

Piazza Navona And Amazing Statues

Piazza Navona And Amazing Statues

Enjoying The Streets Of Rome: Spanish Steps

These steps built in 1726. It’s a good spot for the people who are tired of roaming through city. A great place for people-watching and enjoying the panoramic view of the streets (from the top stairs of course)

The Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps

Vatican’s Grand Church: St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is definitely the most attractive structure in Vatican. The grand Church is raised on a very meaningful spot. It’s believed that St. Peter, the most famous apostle of Jesus Christ, buried in the very same place.

The present day St. Peter’s Church is the 2nd generation building. It’s re-constructed by the Pope Julianus II. Design of the building was made by most famous artists of Renaissance. The dome with its 136,5 meters height makes people feel like ants crawling around.

St. Peter’s Basilica In Vatican

St. Peter’s Basilica In Vatican

Art Pieces Of Renaissance Masters: Vatican Museums

There are Vatican Museums contains the most valuable art pieces of this little country. Considering the Vatican as the smallest country in the World, the heritage it obtains absolutely asymmetrical.

Sistine Chapel, without any doubt, the secret gem of Vatican. Ceiling of Sistina Chapel designed by “The Genius” Michalengelo. The rest of the frescoes which adornes the Walls of the Chapel, made by Boticelli and Signorelli.

Sistine Chapel In The Vatican Museums

Sistine Chapel In The Vatican Museums (Photo Source: CNN Traveller)

Off The Beaten Track Latin Neighborhood: Trastevere

I introduced you the most charming and known well places of Rome in entrance part. Time to switch to the most beautiful neighbourhoods of city. There are two places that I liked most during my search of “Off the beaten track” places.

Trastevere is a lovely place to spend half a day, walking around visiting the elegant Santa Maria in Trastevere Church eating delicious Italian food in the local restaurants.

Santa Maria Church In Trastevere District

Santa Maria Church In Trastevere District

Baroque’s Best By Borromini: Laterano Neighborhood

This neighborhood is known for the 2nd greatest church of Rome: San Giovanni in Laterano. Comparing the grand St. Peter’s Basilica, relatively smaller, yet a breath-taking place. Thank to the skills of Francesco Borromini this church adorned with colossal statues of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. These statues are well worth to see!

San Giovanni In Laterano Church & Borromini’s Statues

San Giovanni In Laterano Church & Borromini’s Statues

Recommended Documentaries To Watch Before Visiting Rome

I recently came across to a documentary named Baroque!- From St Peter’s to St Paul’s on BBC channel. This documentary is focusing the Baroque features of Spainish and Italian architecture. It’s mainly sharing information about Rome’s Churhes. The producer of the show, Waldemar Januszczak, introducing each and every monument with a great enthusiasm and passion. Therefore this particular show might motivate you to your trip to Rome.

BBC Documentary Focusing On St. Paul’s Cathedral As Well

Baroque!- From St Peter’s to St Paul’s

Movies To See Before Traveling To Rome

Everybody knows the Dan Brown’s famous book: Angels & Demons. Later the book had been adopted to a Hollywood movie and Tom Hanks starred as the renowned symbologist Robert Langdon.

Considering that the whole movie was a breath-taking action chasing after the symbols in Rome’s buildings, this movie might be a useful briefing before visiting the Rome.

Angels & Demons Filmed At Rome’s Touristic Sights

Angels & Demons Filmed At Rome’s Touristic Sights


Touristic Points Of Interest On A Rome City Map

Maybe it’s not a perfect map but I’ll share a link with you and u can find main points to visit in this map. U can find the map from Rome City Touristic Map link and have a general knowledge.

Touristic Map Of Rome

Touristic Map Of Rome

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