What Is Sehir Hatlari Bosphorus Cruise Lines?

If you would like to attend to a Bosphorus Cruise Tour there are basically two options. Sehir Hatlari Ferryboats or Turyol Bosphorus Cruise Boats.

Sehir Hatlari Long Bosphorus Tour Schedule or Timetable

Start 10:30 – 12:00 < Stop 3 Hours > Return 15:00 – 16:30 = Total 6 Hours

Şehir Hatları Bosphorus Cruise Ferries are very useful and convenient boats for Bosphorus journey. The classical Bosphorus Ferry starts at 10:30 in the morning. Its final destination is Anadolu Kavağı which is located nearby Black Sea.

It reaches to its final destination at 12:00 which means the trip up the Bosphorus takes 1,5 hours. The ferry stops at Anadolu Kavağı for 3 hours. You may climb up to the Yoros Castle and eat a lunch in the pretty village.

Then the Cruise Ferry leaves the pier at 15:00 and returns to beginning point: Eminönü at about 16:30. Duration of whole trip takes 6 hours.

Long Bosphorus Tour Ticket Price or Cost

Long Bosphorus Tour cost is 25 Turkish Lira which is equal to 7 or 8 US Dollars or Euros.

Where To Buy Sehir Hatlari Bosphorus Cruise Tickets?

You can purchase your ticket from the ticket office next to Galata Bridge. The Şehir Hatları Ticket Kiosk is the nearest pier to the Galata Bridge. It is located walking distance from the famous Spice Bazaar. If you find the Grand Bazaar just cross the road to the opposite side, then you will see the kiosk which is next to Galata Bridge named in Turkish: Boğaz Hattı meaning Bosphorus Lines.

Short Bosphorus Tour Schedule or Timetable

Start 14:30 < Round Trip > Finish 16:30

This is an alternative Bosphorus Tour to the long Bosphorus Tour which takes 6 hours. The Bosphorus Cruise Ferry makes a 2 hours round trip.

The short Bosphorus Tour is provided for the high season only. The timetable is very tricky please check the original web site of the Sehir Hatlari.

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