Best Breakfast Places with Bosphorus View

Best Breakfast Places In Istanbul

Istanbulites love having breakfast outside on weekends. First choice for a family breakfast would definitely be somewhere with the Bosphorus view. Therefore, in my small list of breakfast places, 4 of them out of 5 located at the Bosphorus shores.

1. Ortaköy

Ortaköy Neighborhood Bosphorus

Ortaköy is a cute village located at the heart of the Bosphorus. Since this cozy neighborhood is located right next to the Bosphorus Bridge, people love to take photos here with the bridge on the background. Bosphorus Bridge is considered as one of the symbols of Istanbul city, as it is known as the major bridge connecting the Asia and Europe.

The narrow but attractive Ortaköy Square, majestic Ortaköy Mosque and Bosphorus Bridge is usual theme of Ortaköy Photos.

Ortaköy Square And Ortaköy Mosque
Ortaköy Square Istanbul

The House Cafe Ortaköy

This is my recommendation for an excellent breakfast in Ortaköy area. The House Cafe restaurant is located right by the seaside and it’s breakfast is delicious. House Cafe serves a very nice and balanced breakfast that would probably satisfy everybody.

The House Cafe Ortakoy
The House Cafe Ortakoy

Walking From Ortaköy To Bebek

One of the nicest thing to do in Istanbul: Walking from Ortaköy to Bebek from the coast way. The best walking route of Istanbul with the smooth beauty of the Bosphorus Strait. Just like this.

Walkway From Ortakoy To Bebek
Walkway From Ortakoy To Bebek

Cafés Of Bebek Neighborhood

It’s common to finish the morning with happy ending at one of the cafes of Bebek neighborhood. I assume the Bebek Sturbucks has the best view of Istanbul.

Bebek Sturbucks
Bebek Sturbucks

2. Rumeli Hisarı

Rumeli Fortress Neighborhood

Rumeli Hisarı area is full of little cafeterias that serves good breakfast. All of them has the great view of Bosphorus and the second bridge of Istanbul (Fatih Sultan Mehmed Bridge)

It’s difficult to find a nice table by the seaside if you get there after 10:00 O’clock, therefore I recommend you to get there early. Because finding a parking space would also be difficult if you have your car with you.

Sade Kahve Restaurant At Rumeli Hisarı
Sade Kahve © Photo:

Sade Kahve Breakfast Place

Sade Kahve is recommended restaurant at the Rumeli Hisari area. You may have your great breakfast and again walk by the walkway nearby the Bosphorus. Perhaps you may pay a visit to Rumeli Fortress to take great panoramic pictures of Istanbul.

15th Century Rumeli Fortress Of Istanbul
Rumeli Fortress

3. Çengelköy

Cengelkoy Neighborhood At Asia Side

Çengelköy is a very cozy village of Bosphorus. The local atmosphere is still preserved in this small neighborhood. Nostalgic Çınaraltı Cafe is bustling with locals on weekends. Çengelköy is a better place to observe the local life in Istanbul than the Ortaköy and Rumeli Fortress areas, because it’s not very touristic at all.

Breakfast By The Bosphorus In Çengelköy
Best Breakfast Places In Istanbul
Breakfast In Çengelköy

Cozy Views From The Bosphorus

Houses Of Bosphorus
Beylerbeyi Mosque Of Bosphorus
Beylerbeyi Mosque Of Bosphorus
Symbols Of Bosphorus: Seagulls
Bosphorus Seagulls

Love Of Bosphorus

Majority of Istanbulites are in love with Bosphorus. Istanbul is the most expensive city of Turkey, besides it’s overpopulated. People are unhappy with traffic jams etc. However beauty of Bosphorus makes Istanbul bearable.

Istanbul is a unique city which is built on two continents. It is like a bridge between Asia and Europe. So having a breakfast in one of these nice neighborhoods might make you feel as if you are Istanbulite too. Enjoy!

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