Constantinople Tour Of Istanbul

Constantinople Tour Of Istanbul, Byzantine Empire History Private Guided Tour

Constantinople was a great city of the history. It was established as the capital of Great Roman Empire and later became the capital of Byzantine Empire, which is originally known as the Eastern Roman Empire in the history.

The name Constantinople, evolved to Istanbul during the Ottoman Empire domination in the city. Today Istanbul is not a capital city anymore. However it is considered as the largest and most important city of Turkey.

Planning Your Visit To Istanbul

When you plan a trip to Istanbul, it is recommended to plan everything in advance. Because Istanbul city is bustling with the tourists in spring and autumn. April and May, September and October months provide the most convenient weather to walk around and discover the sights of Istanbul

Ottoman Sights

Among all the importants sites of Istanbul, two different periods attract attention of visitors. Byzantine Empire attractions that is left from the Constantinople: Hagia Sophia, Hagia Eirene, Basilica Cistern, Chora Church, Hippodrome of Constantinople and others.

The second cathegory is Ottoman attractions that is left from 15th century to 19th century. Prominent Ottoman Empire sights can be summarized as Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar.

Constantinople Tours In Istanbul To Discover Byzantine Empire
Constantinople Tour Of istanbul
Constantinople Tours In Istanbul To Discover Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Empire Constantinople History Tour

This is the main subject of our blog post. I will be sharing some photos of great monuments that is left from the time of Byzantine Empire’s capital Constantinople.

  • Hagia Sophia

The most famous historic place to see in Istanbul. Adorned with beautiful and ancient Byzantine mosaics. Hagia Sophia had always been the spiritual hub of Constantinople.

The Church had initially been built as Megale Ekklesia (The Great Church). Demolished by the people of the city during the Nika Riot and built by renowned Byzantine Caesar Justinian I.

Discover Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) Museum with a guide during your Constantinople Tours in Istanbul. It is definitely worth hiring a guide for this marvelous place.

Private Guided Tour of Byzantine Empire History

Guided private tour of Byzantine attractions in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Eirene

Hagia Eirene is reportedly built following the establishment of the Constantinople by the Emperor Constantine the Great. Therefore this beautiful Church is as old as Hagia Sophia. The building unfortunately destroyed by an earthquake and completely rebuilt in 9th century. Still 1100 years old.

The Hagia Eirene is standing in the first courtyard of Topkapi Palace Museum. To enter the 1st courtyard of Topkapi Palace is free. So you may easily get inside the monumental gate of the palace and find this excellent Church of ancient times.

Guided Tour of Istanbul’s Byzantine History
History of Byzantium private tour guide
Hagia Eirene Church Of Istanbul

Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern is  literally a world famous water reservoir. 1500 years old building buried under the streets of Istanbul. Visiting the Underground Basilica Cistern breath taking experience. It is an attraction to see during the Constantinople Tours in Istanbul, escorted by your local tour guide.

Byzantine Empire Historian Guide Istanbul
Byzantine Empire history tour guide in Istanbul
Basilica Cistern Of Istanbul

Hippodrome Of Constantinople

Hippodrome used to be the entertainment center of ancient Constantinople. It is originally built by the Emperor Constantine in 330 A.D. Altough the seats and gates of Hippodrome is gone today, it’s still considered as one of the major Eastern Roman (Byzantine) attraction to see. The Egyptian Obelisk, Cosntantine Obelisk and Serpent Column is absolutely worth to see. The legends about Hippodrome would be told by your tour guide.

Hippodrome Of Constantinople
Byzantine Empire history guided tour Istanbul
Hippodrome Of Constantinople

Chora Church Or Kariye Museum

Chora Church is famous for its splendid Byzantine mosaics and frescoes. The mosaics are scattered around entire walls and ceilings and creating a magical atmosphere inside the museum. Therefore this little gem of Istanbul should be visited with a informative tour guide. The mosaics and frescoes are following a sophisticated story which is difficult to follow without a guide. Chora Church is the highlight of our Constantinople Tours.

Byzantine Empire Attractions Private Tour

Byzantium history of Istanbul tour guide
Chora Church Or Kariye Museum Of Istanbul

Old Roman Walls Of Constantinople

Emperor of Roman Empire chosed Byzantium as the new capital of Rome. He rebuilt his new city (Constantinople) over the old foundations of Greek Byzantium. The Romans built the first walls of Istanbul in 324 A.D. The walls are damaged and destroyed many times during the sieges, sack of Constantinople during fourth Crusade (By Latins) and capturing of Constantinople (by the Ottomans) in 1453. The original walls of the city, still can be seen very clearly.

Byzantine Empire Heritage Private Tours
Constantinople history of Istanbul tour guide
Old Roman Walls Of Constantinople

Private Constantinople Tours Of Byzantine Heritage In Istanbul

Follow the lead of the history of Rome, Byzantium and Christianity in Istanbul with the Constantinople Tours of Istanbul. Private tours will be accompanied by a licensed tour guide Serhat Engul. Serhat is specialized on Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire history of Turkey.

Licensed Tour Guide Serhat Engul

Byzantine history expert guided tour
Constantinople Tours By A Private Tour Guide

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Constantinople Tour Of Istanbul

Constantinople Tour Of Istanbul By Official Guide Serhat Engül

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