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Private Tour Guide For Ephesus Visit 2018

Ephesus Private Tour Guide, Ephesus Private Tours, Ephesus Guided Tours

Ephesus Antique City is the gem of Turkey. The Anatolia peninsula has always been the cradle of civilizations in the history. Anatolia is a home to remarkable Greek and Roman heritage too. Therefore there are a lot of ancient cities and ruins all over the Turkey. However, the Ephesus is the most precious and most visited ancient city in Turkey left from the antique ages.

The famous Celsus Library and Temple of Artemis makes Ephesus, a prominent antique city of ancient Anatolia (also known as Asia Minor).

The Ephesus located on the west coast of Turkey within Izmir province. Mediterranean Cruise ships arrive to Ephesus Port (Kusadasi) every year. Therefore it is known as the most popular historic sight in Turkey.

Ephesus is one of the world heritage centres protected by Unesco.

Map Of Ephesus Antique City Location
Best Guided Tours of Ephesus Ancient City
Map Of Ephesus Antique City Turkey

History Of The Ephesus

Ephesus had been a foremost trade center in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known history is dating back to 6000 B.C. It had been a home to Greek, Roman and Turkish civilizations.

Ephesus is a massive antique city which is well-maintained. It’s famous for Temple of Artemis and Library of Celsus. More information provided by Ancient History


The Ephesus Ancient City Panoramic View

The Ephesus Antique City

The Temple Of Artemis In The History

Temple Of Artemis

The Library Of Celsus At Ephesus

The Celsus Library Of Ephesus

Private Ephesus Guided Tours By Locals 2018

Travel agencies organizes private day tours from Kusadasi Port. It’s also known as Ephesus Port as well. The author of this blog: Serhat Engul is an official tour guide in Turkey.

Please beware non-licensed guides are illegal in Turkey. You may contact to Serhat ( for arranging your Ephesus visit to be accompanied by a local tour guide.

Strolling Through Beautiful Ephesus

Private Ephesus Day Tours

Ephesus Walking Tours

Walking through the ancient streets of Ephesus is a great experience! Ephesus is a perfect place for the ones who enjoy photography too. Your tour guide can show you the best spots to take photos.

Ephesus Photography

Ephesus photography.

Ephesus Attractions And Ruins

Ephesus Private Tours By Local Guides
Ephesus Attractions And Ruins
Cats Of Ephesus Antique City

They are literally everywhere! Do not forget to bring some catfood for Turkish stray cats. They are playful and friendly creatures.

Cats Of Ephesus Antique City

Day Trips To Pamukkale From Ephesus

If you are looking for a second place to see after Ephesus, Pamukkale might fit your expectaions perfectly. Because Pamukkale is a natural beauty with snow-like cover of Calcium Travertines. Pamukkale region is also home to renowned Hierapolis Antique City. You may really enjoy it after the Ephesus.

Best Tour Guides of Ephesus
Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) Travertines

Hierapolis Ancient Theatre Of Pamukkale

Ephesus Guided Tours
Hierapolis Antique City Of Pamukkale

Things To Do Near Kuşadası (Ephesus) Map

Things To Do Near Ephesus

Ephesus Private Tour Guide 2018

You may contact to Mr. Serhat Engul from below e-mail adress. Serhat offers informative and entertaining private tours of Ephesus. All e-mails quickly responded. Feel free to ask questions about your Ephesus visit.

Ephesus Private Tour Guide Recommended On TripAdvisor
Ephesus Private Tour Guide
Ephesus Private Tour Guide Recommended on TripAdvisor

WhatsApp: +90 532 256 93 12

Legal Notice About Turkish Law For Guidance

Tour guides are not authorized providing accommodation and package tours. We can help you planning your trip or recommend you a licensed Travel Agency for arranging comprehensive tours. Guides are able to offer their escort for cultural walking tours.

Recommended Travel Agency For Ephesus Package Tours

I personally recommend you Turkland licensed travel agency for Ephesus package tours (Including transportation, guidance and accommodation) You can contact with them through: web site.

Recommended Travel Agency For Private Ephesus Tours
Ephesus Tavel Agency Recommended for Private Ephesus Tours
Private Ephesus Tours By A Local Travel Agency Turkland
Licensed Travel Agency 2018

Ephesus Private Tour Guide Blog Article by Serhat Engül

Ephesus Private Tour Guide For Ephesus Trip 2018

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