Half Day Tour of Istanbul Old City

Istanbul Half Day Private Walking Tour – Guided by Serhat Engul

Duration of the tour is: 3-4 Hours

Tale of 3 Cities

Istanbul has 2650 years of history from the time of Greek Byzas. Founded in 638 B.C. and named as Byzantium. It was the capital of Roman and Byzantine Empires with the name of Constantinople. It became Istanbul during the time of Ottoman Empire.

Heritage of Great Empires

The city has Hippodrome from Roman Empire, Hagia Sophia & Basilica Cistern from Byzantine Empire, Blue Mosque from Ottoman Empire periods. You may see these 4 major pillars of Istanbul Old City only in 3-4 hours. The Half Day Tour is the best for learning about history & visiting the places in shortest time.

What is Istanbul Half Day Tour?

Istanbul Half Day Private Walking Tour is designed as a short but concentrated history & sightseeing tour. It’s a private tour for a small group. Guided by a licensed tour guide: Serhat Engul.

What Time Private Istanbul Half Day Tour Starts?

The tour usually starts at 09:00 and lasts until 13:00. In four hours, you will get a comprehensive information about the history of Istanbul city. The hours are flexible, can be arranged in the afternoon as well.

Why Istanbul Half Day Walking Tours?

It’s the best way to get to know with the historic background of Istanbul city. Half Day Istanbul tour is suitable for those who have limited time in Istanbul.

Full Day Old City Tour, lasts nearly 8 hours. It includes the Topkapi Palace and Grand Bazaar in addition to this half day tour. If you do not want to spend your whole day with a strictly programmed tour, then the half day tour is the best for you!

Private Half Day Tour in Istanbul By Serhat Engul
Istanbul Half Day Private Walking Tour
Istanbul Half Day Tours Guided By Serhat Engul

Private Half Day Walking Tour in Istanbul 2019

So what to see during the 4 hours? What is included in Istanbul Private Guided Half Day Tour?


Hippodrome is built by Emperor Constantine The Great. It’s the oldest corner of Istanbul’s Historic Peninsula which was known as Constantinople. Obelisk of Theodisios (Egyptian Obelisk), Serpent Column and Constantine Column (The Walled Column) are erected in the center of Hippodrome. Each and every single piece has its own story.

This place is the best area to start with the history of Istanbul. Because the oldest monument “Egyptian Obelisk” is located in the center of Hippodrome. I share stories from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Greco-Persian Wars, Roman Empire and of course the Byzantine Empire times.

The horse races, rivalry between the blue and green teams, the Nika Riots all exciting!

Reconstruction Painting of the Hippodrome, Istanbul

Istanbul Half Day City Tour
Hippodrome in Roman & Byzantine periods

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is the crown jewel of Istanbul’s attractions. Built in 537 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, the Hagia Sophia is considered as one of the wonders of human history.

The Hagia Sophia had been built as a church, converted to a mosque and finally became a museum. It’s possible to study Byzantine architecture, art and culture inside the complex. Yet there are Muslim relics from the Ottoman period. Hagia Sophia symbolizes the sophisticated culture of Istanbul city.

Hagia Sophia Museum, Istanbul

Istanbul Half Day Guided Tour
Hagia Sophia Museum

Basilica Cistern

Basilica Cistern is from the Byzantine period as well. It’s built by the same emperor as the Hagia Sophia: Justinian. Made out of 336 Greek columns from the Byzantium (The Ancient Greek City). The Underground Cistern is 1500 years old, yet the recycled-columns date back to the first settlement of Istanbul: Byzantium.

Underground Basilica Cistern, Istanbul

Half Day Walking Tour of Istanbul
Undergroun Basilica Cistern – Ancient Water Reservoir

Blue Mosque

Built by the 16th ruler of Ottoman Empire: Sultan Ahmed. The mosque’s name is literally Sultanahmet Mosque, yet it’s known as the Blue Mosque due to beautiful blue tiles inside.

Blue Mosque, Sultanahmet, Istanbul

Half day tours of Istanbul Old City
Blue Mosque is named as “blue” due to its interior decoration.

Cost of A Private Half Day Tour in Istanbul?

You may contact to official tour guide Serhat Engul for your own private tour. Please kindly fill up the form at the bottom of the homepage and ask for availability. Or send an e-mail or WhatsApp message.

The half day private guided tour cost is 120 USD (Not per person but total price up to 4 people) Please consider that it’s a private guided tour and there will be just you!

E-mail: serhateng@gmail.com

Whats App: +90 532 256 93 12

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Make Sure That Your Guide Has A License!

Serhat Engul is a licensed tour guide in Istanbul. Non-licensed guiding is illegal in Turkey. The tour guides graduated from University to get their license. Therefore they have basic history knowledge about Istanbul and Turkey. Some of the guides have additional qualifications on history and archaeology fields.

Full Day Tour Option: Istanbul Old City Private Walking Tour

Private Half Day Tour in Istanbul

Private Half Day Tour Istanbul
Serhat Engul

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Private Half Day Walking Tour in Istanbul 2019

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