Metro Map Of Istanbul 2019

Istanbul Metro Map, Getting Around Istanbul By Public Transportation

Istanbul metro system growing quickly for the last couple of years. Several lines have come into use and many of them on the way too. Therefore the Istanbul metro map should be updated frequently.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality released the latest maps of Istanbul metro lines. These updated maps are attached to this blog post.

Istanbul Public Transportation Map 2019

Metro (Subway) system of underground and surface rapid-transit tram, metrobus, cable-car and funicular might be helpful to you during your Istanbul visit.

Istanbul Tram Map

Tram is the most convenient vehicle for those who commute between the Istanbul Historical Peninsula and New City. Tram T1 line covers majority of the significant sights which are marked on touristic map of Istanbul.

Tram passes through Beyazıt (Grand Bazaar), Sultanahmet (Blue Mosque), Eminönü (Spice Bazaar) and reaches to Beyoğlu (Modern Istanbul). It crosses over the Galata Bridge which ties these two sides.

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Istanbul Tram Map 2019

public transportation map istanbul
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Istanbul Metro Map

Istanbul Metro grew so quickly for the recent years. The Istanbul Asia side is also introduced with an efficient metro system. The Metro in the Asia side commute between the Kadıköy and Tavşantepe yet. It will be connected to Sabiha Gökçen Airport soon.

Istanbul Metro Map 2019

Istanbul Metro Map 2018
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Metro M1: To Get From Atatürk Airport To Sultanahmet, Taksim, Asia Side

Major Metro lines of European side are M1 and M2 lines. You are most likely to use M1 line for coming from the Istanbul Atatürk Airport to city center. It runs between the Airport and Yenikapı (Hub of Istanbul Historic Peninsula). Yenikapı is the connection point for Metro M2, Tram T1 and Marmaray.

Yenikapı to Sultanahmet

You may go out from the metro station. Then walk up the Atatürk Boulevard to find the Aksaray T1 tram station. Catch the tram in the direction of Kabataş. Then 4 stops later you will find the Sultanahmet tram stop.

Yenikapı to Taksim Square

You can just change to Metro M2 line without going out from the Metro Station. The metro will pass through the new metro bridge which provides a great view of Golden Horn. Then it will arrive to Taksim Square.

Yenikapı to Asia Side

You may just go upper floor to get to the entrance of the Marmaray under-sea passenger metro. This vehicle runs between the Istanbul Historic Peninsula and Asia Side (Üsküdar & Kadıköy) Once you get to Asia Side you may also use M4 KadıköyTavşantepe Metro to reach out to inland of Asia Side.

Metro M2: To Get Business Districts And Shopping Areas

M2 metro line is very efficient to get around in the modern Istanbul. M2 runs from Yenikapı to Hacıosman, a vertical line that cut through major districts of European side.  The M2 passes through the Taksim, Mecidiyeköy, Levent, Maslak business districts as well as the Şişli, Etiler shopping districts.

Some of the most popular shopping malls of Istanbul are accesible by the M2 metro line, such as Metrocity (Levent), Cevahir (Şişli), Kanyon (Şişli) , Istinye Park (Sarıyer).

M2 might help you to reach northern parts of Istanbul city from southernmost Istanbul: Historic Peninsula. Yenikapı (the 1st stop) can be considered as the heart of old city so it’s accesible from every part of Istanbul Historic Peninsula.

Istanbul Tourist Map

Istanbul neighborhoods map
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Marmaray Map

Marmaray runs between the Kazlıçeşme and Ayrılık Çeşmesi. It has 5 stops for now. This new vehicle is most efficient way to get to the Asia Side of Istanbul.

Kazlıçeşme, Yenikapı, Sirkeci stations are located on the European Side whereas Üsküdar and Ayrılık Çeşmesi (Kadıköy) stops are on the Asian Side.

The locals still love taking nostalgic ferry to commute between the Asia and Europe, only if they are not in hurry! If you wish a swift journey between two continents, go for Marmaray.

Metro Map Of Istanbul

Metro Map Of Istanbul 2018
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Funicular Map

Funicular is great way to reach out to Taksim Square. It runs between the Kabataş (Final tram station) and Taksim Square (Heart of Istanbul).

To get from Sultanahmet to Taksim Square, tram T1 and Funicular do the job. You may catch the tram from Sultanahmet (In the direction of Kabataş) so when you arrive to final destination (Kabataş) you may just use one-stop Funicular to reach Taksim Square in five minutes.

Metrobus Map

Metrobus is actually nothing more than a regular bus with its own traffic lane. It’s a new option for locals.

Roads that lead to Bosphorus Bridge always heavily used. The people travelling from Asia Side to European Side having trouble when passing through the Bosphorus Bridge with regular bus. Therefore Istanbul Municipality installed some private lanes for the Metrobus and hundreds of Mercedes busses are put into operation.

Metrobus lines reach out to Istanbul’s outskirts. It provides swift journey on the busy Istanbul roads. It comes with one major disadvantage: It’s extremely crowded in rush hours.

Istanbul Metro Map With Metrobus Lines

Istanbul Metrobus, Marmaray, Funicular Maps
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Obtain An Istanbulkart For A Smooth Journey

Istanbulkart is budget-friendly boarding pass. It also saves you from struggling with annoying token machines. Istanbulkart also provides some discount if it’s used several times within 2 hours.

The Istanbulkart is charged normally 2.60 TL per ride. If you would use it 4 times within 2 hours, the following prices will be charged.

2nd time: 1.85 TL 3rd time: 1.40 TL 4th time: 0,90 TL

How To Pay For Tram & Metro? Istanbulkart Public Transport Pass
istanbulkart public transportation passenger tourist pass card
You can pay for metro via Istanbulkart

Latest Istanbul Metro Map As Printable PDF Files

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