Istanbul Old City Walking Tours

Istanbul Old City Walking Tour – Private Guided Tour of Old Town

Istanbul is a city which has a lot to offer to a visitor. You might confuse when you look at the list of Things to do in Istanbul. There are a lot of beautiful places to see and enjoy. As a local expert who was born and raised in Istanbul, I would recommend you to attend one of Classical Old City Tours during your visit in Istanbul.

Why Istanbul Old City Private Walking Tour?

Classic Old City Tour route, leads you to the heart of Istanbul Historic Peninsula which is known as Sultanahmet neighborhood.

Major places to visit like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and Grand Bazaar is located in Sultanahmet.

These five pillars of Istanbul’s history are the most significant places to see in Istanbul. They are all located next to each other, within walking distance. A tour guide can easily show you these monuments without needing any vehicle.

Attending to an Istanbul Old City Tour would teach you about Istanbul’s history, lifestyle and customs. Therefore I recommend you to do the tour on your first day in Istanbul.

This tour would open your eyes to the city with the help of given informations. You may prepare itinerary of yours for the following days with the advice of your guide.

Istanbul Old City Private Walking Tour
Istanbul Old City Private Walking Tour
Private Guided Tour of Istanbul Old City

How Long Does It Take For A Full Day Private Istanbul Tour?

Duration of the this private tour aproximately 7 Hours from 09:00 to 16:00. The time is completely flexible since it’s a private tour of your own. The tour will be guided by licensed guide Serhat Engul. You can let him know about your priorities, so that starting and finishing hours can be adjusted.

There is also Half Day Walking Tour of Istanbul

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia is the gem of Istanbul Old City. This place had been the spiritual hub of Istanbul through Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Nowadays, Hagia Sophia is a museum to visit and enjoy the history.

Built in 537 by the renowned Justinian of Byzantine Empire, Hagia Sophia is 1500 years old.

Hagia Sophia
Full Day Private Tours of Istanbul Old City
Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Topkapi Palace Museum

Topkapi Palace is built by Ottoman ruler Sultan Mehmed II in 1461. The palace had been a house to 25 Ottoman Sultans in the history. Most famous kings of the Ottoman Empire like Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent lived in this very palace.

The palace was left by the Ottomans in 1856 due to the construction of the new palace by the shores of the Bosphorus: Dolmabahce Palace. Topkapi Palace is definitely a place to see when you visit Istanbul.

Topkapi Palace
Istanbul Walking Tours by Recommended Guides
Topkapi Palace Museum
  • Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque is known as the most famous mosque of Istanbul. Perhaps the most famous mosque of the entire Asia. This mosque is located nearby other tourist attractions, therefore there are long lines in front of it, during the high tourist season in Istanbul.

Your tour guide can manage the time to visit this place, so that you can get in easily during your Istanbul tour. Otherwise you might have to wait for half an hour to get into the mosque.

Blue Mosque
Istanbul Sultanahmet Private Walking Tour
Blue Mosque, Istanbul
  • Basilica Cistern

Istanbul’s Basilica Cistern is the most famous water reservoir in the world. But do not take me wrong, I am not underestimating its significance. It’s a marvelous place to visit and see. This awesome place is located under the ancient street of old Istanbul, Mese (Divanyolu).

The atmosphere inside the Basilica Cistern is so amazing. Basilica Cistern has been a subject to Dan Brown‘s famous book & movie  Inferno recently. One of the James Bond movies was also filmed here, From Russia With Love, starred by Sean Connery.

Basilica Cistern
Istanbul Historic Peninsula Guided Private Tours
Underground Basilica Cistern – Istanbul Old Town Walking Tour
  • Grand Bazaar

When you think about shopping in Istanbul, this is the place to go. Grand Bazaar is not only a shopping center but a historical attraction too.

The Grand Bazaar was started to be built in 1460s. It grew and grew in time and became a maze. It’s difficult to find your way while walking through the oldish streets of Grand Bazaar.

This is the final destination of our Istanbul Old City Walking Tour. Your tour guide helps you to improve your bargaining skills.

Grand Bazaar
Istanbul Old City Private Walking Tour
Grand Covered Bazaar – Istanbul Old Town Private Tour

Private Walking Tours of Istanbul Old City

Serhat is specialized on the Roman and Byzantine history. Therefore attending to an Istanbul Old City Private Tour with him would please you if you are interested in history.

Tours are definitely very flexible, you may substitute one of the stops of the tour with some other attraction like Galata Tower, Spice Bazaar or Chora Church.

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Istanbul Old City Walking Tour – Private Tours of Old Town 2019

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  1. Good evening from Cape Town
    My husband and I will be in Istanbul for 3 days next week.
    We wish to maximise our time there so I’m getting quotes for a 1 (maybe 2) day guided walking tour .
    Please inform me of the rate you charge and your itinerary.

  2. Please quote me your fees for a half day and a full day tour on 28th of July. I will be accompanied by my wife and little daughter. Also specify if entry tickets are included in the fee or not.

    Thank you!

    1. Dear Furqan, thank you for reaching out. As we are now in contact from WhatsApp, I am not writing the same details from here. Thank you for your kind message and hopefully see you soon.

  3. Hi
    How much is a private guided tour for 5 pax? We will be there on August 25, 2018.
    Thank you.

  4. husband and I will arrive Oct 4 and will be ready for our first day in Istanbul on Oct 5. What I was interested in was. I think we are comfortable doing the walking tour of the top (5) on our own.

    I plan to purchase the Musuem Pass for 3 days

    the first day I would like to visit

    Hagia Sophia
    Topkapi Palace
    Blue Mosque
    Basilica Cistern
    Grand Bazaar

    Where I get lost is….on the Second Day—-I need recommendations and perhaps a private guide to lead us to the other interesting sights in Istanbul. I am very interested in COFFEE and would love to learn how to make Turkish Coffee—the turkish way—I am also big on TEA–so the same would hold true—much like if you visited Portland, Oregon—everyone wants to visit and sample the different BEERS–how it is made, etc…..I would love to purchase a TEA pot and a Coffee Pot to take home and some —I would be interested how Turkish lamps are made and where to purchase them…..I am not interested in purchasing a rug….( to expensive for my budget ). I am looking at something off the beaten path….also I would be interested in doing a Turkish Bath a recommendation would be fantastic…

    1. Hello Shirley, it’s a good plan. It requires a long day to visit the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and Grand Bazaar. I guess you may start at 8:30 in the morning by visiting the Blue Mosque. It’s the first place to open for touristic visits. Museums will be open by 9:00. Doing these 5 sights in one day considered as a tight schedule if you are on your own. A private guide help you do it faster with more history knowledge and insight provided.

      I would recommend you to do the Bosphorus Cruise Tour and Dolmabahce Palace as well. Taking a ferry from Eminonu (Seaside of Old City) to Kadikoy (popular neighborhood at Asian Side) and strolling through Fish Market in order to observe the local life might be interesting. You may find great Turkish Coffee shops in there.

      If you have just one day to hire a private guide, perhaps it’s best to try Fener Balat Walking Tour OR Karakoy-Galata-Istiklal Street (Beyoglu District) Walking Tour.

      You may find information about everything I have mentioned so far in one single blog post: Best Things to do in Istanbul. You may find a link that goes to “Best Turkish Baths in Istanbul” from inside the recommended blog post. Good luck!

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