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A Brief History Of The Prado Museum

Madrid Prado Museum (Museo Del Prado) Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

Museo Del Prado (Prado Museum) shines like diamond in the center of Madrid. The museum houses one of the richest painting collection of the Europe. The collection includes various art pieces from 12th Century to the 19th Century.

Prado is opened in 1819 by the King of Spain: Carlos III. You can see the King’s famous statue in the middle of “Puearta Del Sol” square of Madrid.

The precious collection of the Spanish Royal Family exhibited in the museum. Famous painters Valazquez, Goya, El Greco, Raphael, Rubens , Rembrandt and Murillo represented in this fantastic museum.

In this article, you may find visiting information for Museo Del Prado. Prado Museum entrance feeMuseo Del Prado opening hours and most beautiful artworks of Madrid’s Prado Museum.

Museum Brochure

I recommend you to pick the brochure which is provided by museum at the entrance. This handy leaflet gives you a detailed information about the history of the museum, as well as the small explanation of artworks. Finding your favorite painters might not be easy while you are browsing hundreds of paintings. Then the leaflet may help you to find the exact location of your target art pieces.

Must See Artworks Of Marid Prado Museum

  • Triumph of Death  – Pietre Bruegel The Elder – 1562

Prado Museum Opening Hours
Triumph Of Death By Pietre Bruegel 1562

The painting is a majestic depiction of the horrors of death. You see army of zombies killing the people in a battlefield. As the topic of the painting is very depressing, examining the tiny details of it a great fun! It has its own kind of sense of humour. Whole scene can be considered as an early example of zombie movies.


  • 3rd of May – Francisco Goya – 1814

Madrid Prado Museum Francisco Goya Paintings
3rd of May By Francisco Goya Prado Museum

Goya is considered as one of the most famous Spanish painter. The painting is about the Spanish resistance against the invation of French Army led by Napoleon. While one of the resistance fighters is killed by bullets, the other one invites the death with open arms. Goya‘s artwork is one of the first paintings that shows the horrors of war.

  • Las Meninas – Diego Valazquez – 1656

Madrid Prado Museum Diego Valazquez Paintings
Las Meninas Diego Valazquez Prado Museum

Diego Valazquez was one of the foremost member of the golden age of Spanish painting art. He depicted the family of King Felipe IV. The daughters of the King, maids and servants, jester and their dog. The King is portrayed as a man watching his family from the doorstep. Valazquez placed also himself in this happy family scene.

  • Fruit and Vegetables – Juan Sanchez Cotan

Madrid Prado Museum Sculptures
Fruits and Vegetables by Juan Sanchez Cotan

Juan Sanchez Cotan is considered as the pioneer of relism in the Spanish painting art. This artwork (Fruites and vegetables) is one of the first and best example of still life depictions.

  • Crossing the Styx – Joachim Patinir – 16th Century

Madrid Prado Museum Spanish Art
Crossing the Styx Joachim Patinir – Prado Museum Ticket Price

In the ancient Greek Mythology, it was believed that the afterlife was under the surface of the earth. The Hades was the God of afterlife. Each and every dead person was buried with a silver coin in their mouth. So that they could handle it to Charon, who would help them to pass the River Styx in order to reach the other World.

This painting depicts the Charon‘s boat carrying one person. On one side of Styx there is the Heaven with beautiful angels, whereas the other side (Hell) is filled with ugly creatures.

  • The Drinkers – Diego Valazquez – 1629

Prado Museum Ticket Price
The Drinkers Diego Valazquez Prado Museum

Diego Valazques was born in Seville in 1599. The art of Valazquez is highly valued by the Prado Museum that they gave Valazquez’s name to one of the main gates. Valazquez‘s skill was appreciated at his early ages, he became the chief painter for the royal palace of Madrid when he was only his 20s. In this particular painting, Valazquez depicted the men drinking. It’s considered as one of his early artworks.

  • The Parasol – Francisco Goya – 1777

Prado Museum Admission Cost
The Parasol By Francisco Goya – Prado Museum Entrance Fee

Goya had effected the Spanish world of art deeply. One of the other main gates of Prado Museum named after him. We already listed one of his works in this article but it was difficult to resist his “The Parasol” painting. A noble lady is depicted under the summer sun elegantly. One of my favorite paintings.

  • Adoration of the Magi – Peter Paul Rubens – 17th Century

Madrid Prado Museum Spanish Paintings
Adoration of the Magi by Rubens – Prado Museum Opening Hours

Rubens created Baroque style paintings. His artworks had been highly appreciated in Europe that the King of England Charles I and King of Spain Felipe IV both gave him knighthood. This painting depicts a seen from the Holy Bible. Three Magis, adorning the Virgin Mary and giving her some gifts.

  • Four Vessels – Francisco De Zurbaran – 1658

Prado Museum Spanish Art Pieces
Four Vessels by Francisco De Zurbaran Prado Museum

This unique painting is considered as one of the best presentation of “Still Life” objects in its period. Zurbaran is considered as Caravaggio of Spain. He lived in 16th Century Spain and he followed the school of master Michelangelo Merisi Caravaggio.

Prado Museum Entrance Fee 2019

Admission fee is 15 Euros for purchasing a regular ticket. If you would like to pick the Museum Guide Book (highly recommended) alongside with the regular ticket, the cost is 24 Euros.

Entrance Gate Of Madrid Prado Museum

Prado Museum Entrance Fee
Entrance Gate Of Madrid Prado – Prado Museum Admission Cost

Prado Museum Opening Hours 2019

The Prado Museum is open from Monday to Saturday between 10:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.

The Prado is open every day of the week. Please note that it’s closing for Sunday 1 hour earlier than other days (07:00 p.m.)

The Museum is closed for only 3 days in a year. 1st of May, 1st of January and 25th of December.

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Prado Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours By Serhat Engul

Prado Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours 2019

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