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Louvre Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours

Paris is “The Most Beautiful City in the World” for many people. The city is associated with romantism. Therefore it’s most popular city for honeymoon couples. Novels like Da Vinci Code inspired by Paris, operas like The Notre Damme described the life of Paris. Many iconic movies like Amelie filmed in Paris too.

In this article, I will try to provide you a virtual tour of Italian paintings section. It’s definitely impossible to describe the Louvre Museum in a single blog post. Since the museum is housing more than 35.000 pieces. Therefore it’s best to focus on the most popular section and its artworks.

You may also find updated Louvre Museum entrance fee, Louvre Museum opening hours at the bottom.

A Brief History Of Louvre Museum

Louvre is probably the most famous museum of the world. It housing 35.000 art pieces dating back from 6th Century to 19th Century. Approximately 8 million people visits the museum in a year.

The Museum is officially opened in 10th of August 1793 with 537 paintings. It continuosly extended in years, eventually it became one of the richest art collection of the World. The size of the museum is estimated 60.000 square meters. To see each and every part of it might take not only days but months.

I personally visited Paris in 2007. I had only 3 hours in the Louvre Museum. I was able to see the Italian Paintings Section only and I literally ran inside to see the whole paintings. The portion that I had been able to see was equal to one-nineth of the museum.

The Artworks Of Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum Entrance Fee
The Famous Pyramid Of Louvre Museum

Famous Louvre Pyramid And Its Architecture

It was François Mitterand who intended to create the Louvre’s famous Pyramid. He commissioned an American Architect: Ieoh Ming Pei to build it. This Pyramid functions as the entrance of the Louvre Museum.

The construction process of the pyramid caused big arguments in France. Many people found the Pyramid artificial and ugly. Some even claimed Mitterand is a Pharaoh who wishes to immortalize himself.

The construction had started in 1989 and the capacity of the museum was planned to host 4 million people annually. However, after the release of Da Vinci Code book and movie, museum attracted 8 million people in a year.

Pei explained to press “Nobody could even think the pyramid will attract its own visitors. I would never think it will be a icon.”

The Famous Pyramid Of Louvre Museum

Paris Louvre Museum Italian Art Collection
The Famous Pyramid Of Louvre Museum

Artworks Of Louvre Museum Italian Paintings Section

The corridors of Louvre Museum bustling with art lovers all day long. The Latin Paintings Section is illuminated with a glass roof and covered with granit columns. The Da Vinci Novel had started in this corridor too.

  • The intervention of the Sabine Woman – Jacques-Louis David – 1799

Museo Del Louvre Paris France
The intervention of the Sabine Woman By Louis David

This fantastic painting is associated with the foundation myth of Roman Empire. The founder of Roman Empire, Romulus and his men, attacks to the neighboring city to take their woman as their wives. When the Sabine men return for revenge, Sabine women wants to stop their relatives to attack their Roman husbands. Since they had already set up a family with them.

Jack Louis David depicts the seen very dramatically. On the right-hand side Romulus about to throw his spear to the King of Sabines: Titus. In an instant his Sabine originated wife Hersilia steps forward and tries to stop him. There are their children struggling on the ground. Hersilia as the daughter of the Sabine King and wife of the Roman King pictured helpless.

  • Liberty Leading The People – Eugene Delacroix – 1830

Paris Louvre Museum best artworks
Liberty Leading The People By Eugene Delacroix

The “Liberty Leading The People” created in memory of the insurrection against the King Charles X in 1830. This painting is regarded as the symbol of French Revolution in the World.

Eugene Delacroix is one of the most famous French painter in the history. Baudelaire depicts him as the last painter of Renaissance and the first painter of the Modern times. Delacroix follows the school of Dutch painter Rubens.

In the painting, a half-naked lady makes way for the advancing crowd. She holds a bayonet rifle with one hand and a French flag with the other hand.

  • Mona Lisa – Leonardo Da Vinci – 1506

Paris Louvre Museum art pieces
Mona Lisa By Leonardo Da Vinci

Art historians, painters and even scientists are still working on Mona Lisa to reveal its secrets. Leonardo Da Vinci is without a doubt, the most sensational figure of Renaissance period. Perhaps it’s caused by his mysterious personality. He was not only a painter but a writer, inventor, sculptor, musician too. Therefore he has always been in the focus of different historic arguments. Da Vinci Code has been whipping up the rumours all along too. Yet, Mona Lisa portrait is the real gem of the Louvre Musuem after all.

  • Napoléon at Battle of Eylau – Antoine-Jean Gross – 1808

Paris Louvre Museum Most Famous Paintings
Napoléon at Battle of Eylau By Antoine-Jean Gross

Antoine-Jean Gross’ life changed after meeting the wife of Napoleon: Josephine. He accompanied Napoleon on the battlefields and depicted him in his various paintings. Napoleon later commissioned him to select artworks that would enrich the Louvre Museum.

In this painting, Antoine-Jean Gross depicts the French Emperor Napoleon alongside with his generals. Advancing against the Russo-Prussian allied forces. Napoleon on his golden-coloured horse, about to win another victory.

  • The Coronation of Napoleon – Jacques Louis David – 1806

Paris Louvre Museum Italian Paintings
The Coronation of Napoleon By Jacques Louis David

A second Jacques Louis David painting in our list. David depicts the Emperor Napoleon crowns his wife Josephine as the Empress of French Empire. The presence of Pope, refers to the coronation of Holy Roman Emperors. Somehow legitimizing his claim on Roman Empire‘s legacy.

  • Ancient Rome – Giovanni Paolo Pannini – 1758

Paris Louvre Museum Paintings
Ancient Rome By Giovanni Paolo Pannini
  • Modern Rome – Giovanni Paolo Pannini – 1759

Louvre Museum Opening Hours
Modern Rome By Giovanni Paolo Pannini

Above two artworks created by Giovanni Paolo Pannini to depict the Rome‘s two different periods. On one of them Colosseum, Triumphal Arches, Phanteon is depicting the Ancient Rome. On the second one Navona Square, Trevi Fountain and other structures depicts the Modern Age of Rome.

  • Psyche revived by Cupid’s kiss – Antonio Canova – 1787

Louvre Museum Ticket Price
Psyche revived by Cupid’s kiss – Antonio Canova

I have reserved most of the article with paintings. To remind you that Louvre is not only housing paintings but varios kind of sculptures and ancient objects. I wanted to add this splendid piece of 18th Century. Created bu Antonio Canva, Cupid’s Kiss one of the superstars of the museum.

Louvre Museum Entrance Fee 2019

Admission fee 15 Euros for the Louvre Museum. Visitors under the age of 18 free of charge. You may prefer to buy the tickets online or you can consider purchasing Paris Pass or just Paris Museum Pass.

Courtyard Of The Paris Museum With The Pyramid

Louvre Museum Admission Cost
Courtyard Of The Paris Museum – Louvre Museum Entrance Fee

Louvre Museum Opening Hours 2019

The Louvre Museum is open on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The Louvre closes late for Wednesday and Friday visitable between 9 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.

The Museums is closed on Tuesdays.

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Louvre Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours By Serhat Engul

Louvre Museum Entrance Fee & Opening Hours 2019

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