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Roman Empire Map Foundation, Over Time, Timeline, At Its Height, Cities

Romans built a great empire upon the foundations of Ancient Greece and left a splendid heritage regarding military, administration, architecture and law.

In this context, they have built the administrative and legal foundations western civilization of today. This article explains the history of Roman Empire with the help of great visuals.

Foundation of Roman Empire

Rome was founded as an Italian city-state and captured the neighboring states due to its expansionist policy. Initially it became a dominant force in Italy and then in Mediterranean.

They established a great military force and rules a vast pieces of lands in Europe, Asia and Africa largely thanks to their army visions called legions who warred with absolute discipline.

Rome, became an empire, following the assassination of Gaius Julius Caesar. The addopted son of Julius Caesar, Octavian, converted the republic into an empire by forcing the senate of Rome. Octavian named himself as Augustus and became the first emperor of the Roman Empire in 27 B.C. This was the end of Republican Period in Roman Empire.

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Roman Legions
Roman Legions the army of Rome
Roman Legions Marching- Roman Empire Map Blog Article

Map Of Roman Empire At Its Height

Roman Empire reached to its greatest extent by the time of Nerva-Antonine Dynasty. Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius known as the five good emperors of the Roman Empire. Their administration helped the Roman Empire to reach its greatest extent.

Map Of Roman Empire At Its Greatest Extent

Roman Empire Map At Its Heigh 117 A.D.
Roman Empire At Its Height

Roman Empire Cities Map

Roman Empire had vast borders with a lot of provinces. This map shows the cities of Roman Empire.

Map Of Roman Empire Cities

Roman Empire Map Cities Administrative States
Cities Of Roman Empire

Map Of Roman Empire Division 395

When the Emperor Theodosios was about to die, he divided the Roman Empire in two and gave each half to his sons. Arcadius and Honorius became the first Emperors of Eastern & Western Roman Empires.

Roman Empire Division As East And West

Division Of The Great Roman Empire As East And West By The Emperor Theodosios
Division Of The Great Roman Empire As East And West By The Emperor Theodosios

Map Of Eastern Roman Empire – Byzantium

Also known as Byzantine Empire of Byzantium. Located at Asia Minor (Anatolia) and its surroundings. The modern day Istanbul was the capital of the Empire known as city of Constantine: Constantinople.

First emperor Arcadius and his successors lead the empire successfully. Therefore the Byzantine Empire lasted for a long time. It lived from 395 to 1453. More than a thousand years.

The Byzantine Empire was famous for being a very religious state. They were Orthodox Christians. They adorned their churches with splendid mosaics. The Byzantine art pieces can be seen in Ravenna (Italy) and Istanbul (Turkey). Best examples of Byzantine mosaics in Hagia Sophia, Chora Church and Basilica of San Vitale.

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Map Of Byzantine Empire
Justinian Retake Rome Byzantine Empire Map At The Peak Point
Eastern Roman Empire
Byzantine Empire Under Justinian
Map Of Byzantine Empire Under Justinian's Rule 565
Byzantine Empire Under Justinian’s Rule from 527 to 565

Conquests Of Emperor Justinian In Europe

Byzantine Empire Map Constantinople Over Time
Byzantine Empire Constantinople Over Time

Map Of Western Roman Empire Fall 476 A.D.

Sister of Eastern Roman Empire did not last too long. The brother of Arcadius, Honorius, and his successors could not administer the Western Roman Empire very well.

The pressure from northern borders was overwhelming. The capital: Rome and the other cities fell to Goths. The map depicts the vassal states that emerged after the collapse of Western Roman Empire. The Empire could only resist against the pressure for 81 years. Lived from 395 to 476.

Map Of Western Roman Empire In 476
Fall of Western Roman Empire Europe Map
Western Roman Empire

The Map Of Constantinople

Constantinople was the most civilized city of Medieval Age. City was also famous for being the hub of Mediterranean Sea. The city was located at the junction of Black Sea, Sea Of Propontis (Sea of Marmara) and Mediterranean Sea. The inlet and natural pier of the city, Golden Horn, had always been bustling with trade ships as well as the powerful Byzantine navy ships (Byzantine Dromons)

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Byzantine Battle Ships: Dromons

Byzantine Dromon Battle Ship of Constantinople Byzantium
Byzantine Dromon Battle Ship

Sack Of Constantinople By Latin Crusaders

For some centuries in the medieval age, the constantinople was the most crowded city of the world. Only until the Latin invasion and sack of Constantinople during the IV. Crusade (1204)

Map Of Byzantine Constantinople

Constantinople the capital of Byzantine Empire Map
Map Of Byzantine Constantinople Walls

The Byzantine Empire At Its Height Map

The Byzantine Empire reached to its greatest extent at the time of Emperor Justinian I. Justinian expanded the borders to Europe, re-captured the Rome and built the world famous Hagia Sophia (Church of Holy Wisdom) in Constantinople (Istanbul) as well as the Basilica of San Vitale in Italy.

Map Of  Eastern Roman Empire After Justinian (Vast Territories Lost)

Byzantine Empire Map Before Latin Invasion Of Constantinople
Byzantine Empire Before Latin Invasion Of Constantinople

Some Useful Maps Of Roman Empire

Series of maps displayed below to provide full knowledge about the history of Roman Empire.

Map Of Roman Empire Over Time

Roman Empire Map Over Time Foundation to Peak
Roman Empire Over Time

Map Of The Roman Empire States

Roman Empire Map Provinces, Cities
Roman Empire At Its Greatest Extent

Roman Empire Greatest Extent

Roman Empire Map Greatest Extent 117
Roman Empire 117 The Peak

Roman Empire Map Five Good Emperors

Roman Empire Map Nerva Antonine Dynasty
Roman Empire Under Nerva Antonine Dynasty

Maps Of Eastern And Western Roman Empires With Constantinople

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