I have been to Cuba three times and saw also legendary cemetery named: Colon Cemetery in Havana. The tour guide told us that Cuba claims Christoph Colomb’s body lies in that cemetery in Havana whereas Spain claims he lies in Seville Cathedral.

It’s interesting story. He discovered Cuba and many other places on Caribbean Islands. However he is dismissed from his duty as a governor by the Spanish rulers. They claimed he is a great discoverer but not a good administrator. They assigned Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar as a governor. He became so succesful though. He founded a number of new Spanish settlements and cities on the island. The famous city of all Trinidad such a cozy place.

Christoph Colomb, however, lived in the streets of Spain in agony. He died as a unhappy man. Great irony of the world. Such a man still remembered as the best explorer of history, did not receive any reward at all. This is the world.

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