Istanbul Museum Opening Hours, Days, Admissions

Istanbul Museum Opening Hours

Istanbul Museum Opening Hours, Days and Admission Fees

Schedules and admission fees of Istanbul Museums updated every year. You may find the up-to-date opening and closing hours, working days and admission fees of Istanbul’s most popular museums in this blog post.

Note: Prices updated by 15th of July, 2019.

Istanbul Museum Opening Hours and Admission Fees

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia Museum is located in Sultanahmet area which is considered as the Istanbul Old City. Hagia Sophia receives millions of visitors annually. Hagia Sophia is without any doubt most important highlight of Istanbul city. It’s a marvel of ancient ages, built by the mighty Byzantine Emperor Justinian I in 537. The Hagia Sophia is literally 1500 years old.

The Hagia Sophia had been a church for 900 years, a mosque for 500 years. It has been a museum since 1930s, visited and admired by millions. Read More