Valide Sultan was the top figure in the hierarchy of the Ottoman Sultan’s Harem. The Topkapı Palace which has four large courtyards used by 25 Sultans from 1481 to 1856. Topkapı Palace’s Harem was the most famous of all in the world. It was ruled not by the Sultan though but the Valide Sultan (Mother Of Sultan). She was organising everything on the Sultan’s behalf. She was even selecting the concubines for his beloved son.

Topkapı Palace’s Harem section is a unique place to visit. You may see this beautiful 15th Century room (restored many times) in the core of the Harem. This room is especially designed for the Mother. Because of her privilege in the Ottoman Society, she is given the best room to stay.

The room is decorated with Ottoman taste. There are unique İznik Tiles on the walls and beautiful paintings. Classic Ottoman as you can also see in the mosques and Ottoman buildings. Such as Blue Mosque or Süleymaniye Mosque.

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