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Vatican Museum Entrance Fee (Ticket Cost) and Opening Hours

Vatican Museums housing one of the most important art collections of the world. The splendid collection of Vatican, has been collected by the Popes of Catholic Church. The collection contains paintings, statues, maps and the other art pieces.

This article provides visiting information about Vatican Museums. Vatican Museum entrance fee, admission cost, ticket price. Updated Vatican Museum opening hours. History of Vatican Museum art pieces, paintings and sculptures.

What Is Included in the Vatican Museums?

These valuable art pieces has been gathered since the 13th Century. Striking collection of Etruscan Civilization, Roman Empire period, Raphael Rooms, modern religious art, Sistine Chapel frescoes and painting galleries can be seen in the museum complex.

Statues Of Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum Entrance Fee 2018
Vatican Collections Photo: WikiCommons

When was the Vatican museum built?

The museum rooms had originally built for famous Popes of Vatican. (in 1506) For instance IV. Sixtus, VIII. Innocentius and II. Julius. All of them lived throughout the Renaissance period. These rooms were originally intended to be their palace rooms. Belvedere Courtyards of Vatican designed by a famous architect Donato Bramante as a connection between these elegant palace rooms.

Vatican Museums Aerial Image

Vatican Museums Entrance Fee
Aerial Image – Photo: WikiCommons

Highlights of the Vatican Museums

The Popes eventually decided to display these art pieces to the public in 18th Century. So that these rooms were converted into a museum complex. Among all the sections of Vatican Museums, Raphael Room and Sistine Chapel considered as the highlights of whole complex.

How To Visit The Vatican Museums?

There is a special walking route is set for visiting the Vatican Museums. There are four different colours that leads you for different type of tours. The colours determines the length of your tour. It could be from 90 minutes up to 5 hours. You can easily schedule your visit by following your chosen colour.

* Please note that: In case you would like to see only Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms, you need to walk continously 30 mins to get to your beginning point.

Magical World Of Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum Visiting Information
A Magical World Photo: WikiCommons

Journey To A Fairy-Tale

Once you pass through the bronze gate of Vatican Museums, you feel as if you stepped in a fairy-tale. This door opens to the smallest country in the World which obtains World’s greatest heritage. Estimated size of the Vatican museum is 42.000 square meters, including 70.000 art pieces. Therefore it’s impossible to cover everything in one day. You may give a break when you get tired, in the lovely courtyard of the museum.

The Spiral Stairs

One of the most attractive part of the museum is the stairs of the building. These Spiral Stairs designed by Giuseppe Momo in 1932. Look like a movie stuido so as to speak.

Vatican Museum Opening Hours
Spiral Staircase Photo: WikiCommons – Vatican Museum Opening Hours

Best Things To See In Vatican Museums

Pinacoteca: A selection of fantastic paintings. Dating back from to Medieval Ages to 18th century.

Museo Pio-Cristiano: Mosaics, frescoes and statues that dating back to early Christianity periods. Some items referring to Pagan Religion as well.

Museo Pio Clementino: Ancient statues are displayed.

Museo Etrusco: A selection of the ancient pieces of Etruscan Civilization. Collected by the Pope Gregory XVI. Etruscan people buried the bodies with precious items. Therefore this is a very rich collection.

Galleria Degli Arazzi: A long corridor adorned with religious based paintings.

Galleria Della Carte Geografiche: A Gallery of maps.

Raphael Rooms of Vatican Museums – Absolutely Amazing!

Vatican Museum Ticket Price
Raphael Rooms of Vatican Museums – Vatican Museum Ticket Price
  • Raphael Rooms

These rooms were designed by Raphael and his students for Popes: Julius II, Leo X and Clement VII. Third room is known as Stanze della Segnatura, used as an office by Pope Julius II.

The walls of his room adorned with poetry, theology, philosophy as he liked it. Especially School of Athens painting is eye-catching. Raphael also placed himself into this painting.

Collezione Arte Religiosa Moderna: This is Modern Religious art collection which can be seen in Borgia Buildings. There are nearly 1000 art pieces filling the room.

  • Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel is considered as most important pilgrimage point in Rome. It was built in the honour of Pope Sixtus IV from 1477 to 1481. Needless to say, most important feature of the room is the ceiling. The Renaissance master Michelangelo painted the ceiling and created the amazing frescoes.

Definitely The Best Thing To See In Vatican: Sistine Chapel

Vatican Museum Admission Cost
Sistine Chapel Photo: CNN International – Vatican Museum Admission Cost

Vatican Museum Entrance Fee 2019

Vatican Museum admission cost is 16 Euros without online booking. Reduced ticket price is 8 Euros for the children between the ages of 6 and 18 years. Additional 4 Euros paid for “Skip The Line” tickets through the official website of Vatican Museums.

Vatican Museum Opening Hours 2019

The Vatican Museums are open to visit from Monday to Saturday, from 08:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please note that the last entrance is 3:00 p.m. Not ticket is sold after 3:00 p.m. whereas it’s possible to stay in the museum until 6:00 p.m.

Map Of Vatican City

You can click this link to view full size map of Vatican City: Vatican City Map

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Vatican Museum Entrance Fee and Opening Hours 2019

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